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Russian Minibus Simulator 3D


Great minibus driving simulator!Be a driver of russian minibus, carry passengers and drive them to the current station! It's like a taxi driving game, but instead of taxi you are driving real russian minibus! Drive accurately, pick up passengers at each bus stop and explore russian city! Be a real driver with Russian Minibus Simulator 3D!
Upgrade driving skills with Russian Minibus Simulator 3D! Carry passengers to the bus station as a minibus driver! Drive through russian city, stop at each bus station and pick up passengers! Passengers are waiting on a bus station, drive them to their destination! Feel like a driver with Russian Minibus Simulator 3D!
Russian Minibus Simulator 3D features:
Russian minibus to driveCarry passengers, stop at each bus stationRealistic driving simulatorDetailed cabin for a bus driver
Drive russian bus down the city streets! Try Russian Minibus Simulator 3D! Press the accelerator as a real driver to explore russian city! Drive fast, carry passengers and have fun with this driving simulator! Enjoy being a driver and have fun with Russian Minibus Simulator 3D - great driving simulator for everyone!
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